Broadly, I work in communication. I started out as a journalist, got a journalism degree, took a turn into non-profit communication management, then moved forward into communication and management strategy consulting. Mostly, that means that I ask good questions and have a good combination of skills to address a wide variety of needs, from helping boards fix bylaws to designing communication campaigns.

But all along, I’ve also been following a passion for art and photography. My mother is a photographer, and undoubtedly my largest influence. This site showcases photography that I’ve done in a variety of genres. Like with my consulting gigs, I take a cross-disciplinary approach and use a lot of different tools, from 90-year-old film cameras to straight DSLRs. As part of my journalism and communication jobs, I’ve regularly shot for clients to get the right image for a campaign; for myself, I lean toward the experimental side of photography, with toy cameras, hand-painted chemistry and embracing the glitches.

I’m available for booking for portrait, commercial and editorial shoots.